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Sushi in Cork

Sushi in Cork at the Ivory Tower

Having cooked in Japan, and as someone who returns regularly to deliver training over there, Seamus offers a wide variety of Sushi at the Ivory Tower. Back in 1999 Seamus started the Yumi Yuki Club, Cork’s only dedicated Sushi and Japanese restaurant. However since it’s expiration (due to natural causes), the Ivory Tower is the only fine dining restaurant in Cork serving sushi.

The Ivory Tower’s traditional Sushi menu includes fat tuna, wild salmon and wild bass, home cured caviars and roes, fresh urchin and crab, irish langostines, razor clams and octopus, bbq eel, spicy ceviche and smokey mackerel. Alternatively, if you are ready for a new taste experience, why not a maki roll with frankfurter, sauerkraut and crisps, smoked chicken and kim chee or BLT and mayo.

All sushi is dependent upon being able to source the finest quality fish – so please call 089 480 3043 if you intend to have a meal based around Sushi or it you have any special requests. You might also be interested in our Japanese Food Taster Menu

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