Eight Course Tasting Menu: EUR 50

    • 8 Course Tasting Menu

    • Marine Nation - Select Well Dressed Fishes!

    • Breast of Duck, Sherry, Vanilla & Jalepeños

    • Aged Wagyu Beef Steak Adobo Rojo

    • Kerry Cantrell & Killens Cheese Gnocchi

    • Brinjal Baked Hake, Tom Yum Sauce

    • Rhubarb & Earl Grey Tea Sorbet

    • Hot Peanut Mocchi, Coacoa & Spice Ice

    • Smoked Free Range Pork Belly, Melon Kim Chee

Three Course Tasting Menu: EUR 33

    • Starters

      To begin the meal, we often would establish the flavour of the evening with a well chosen pallet cleanser.

    • Pigeon & Beetroot Carpaccio With Woody Herbs

    • Free Range Pork Belly BBQ, Melon Kim Chee

    • Sushi! Eel, Crab Maki Rolls, Tuna Nigiri

    • Moroccan Vegetable Pastilla & Tzatzikas

    • Sunomono Mackrel, Grapefruit, Shiso Wakame

    • Main Course

      The main event of the meal experience. This is always the thing to look forward to and is as varied as it is delicious.

    • Kerry Chantrelle & Artichoke Gnocchi with Tarragon Cream

    • Fried Tofu with Malay Tropicurry

    • Brinjal Baked Hake in a Banana Leaf Tom Yum

    • Breast of Duck, Corn, Vanilla, Sherry & Jalepeño

    • Back Steak Teryaki with Yuzu Shiso Jus

    • Desert

      The finalé of the dish. This really is the sweet, warm blanket to wrap you up on your trip down from the tower.

    • Fenugreek Goats Gouda & Ripe Persimmon

    • Chocolate, Walnut & Spice Torte, Ice Cream

    • Strawberry & Galangal Crème Brûlée